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standard IAB intrinsic ad inventory across the top games in the industry

Gaming is the leading form of “active engagement” across global consumers. 

When someone is playing a game, that game is getting 100% of their undivided attention for an elongated duration of time. 

Advertising within game play allows a brand to take full advantage of that attention and duration to deliver highly-viewable, non-intrusive, impactful brand messaging at scale.

High attention

150% higher attentive seconds per 1,000 impressions than traditional online ads

High viewability

98% 3rd-party verified viewability which is 30% higher than industry averages

Industry-leading brand recall

40+% spontaneous brand recall with prompted brand recall numbers verified as high as 97%

Programmatic activation

Purchase high-value audiences with ease across hundreds of today’s top games via the partner of your choice

The Opportunity

2.73B active gamers worldwide with an expected 39% increase by 2030
The mobile gaming market is expected to reach $339B by 2030
There are over 850k mobile games available for download within Apple & Google Play app stores
The console gaming market is expected to grow to $74.29B by 2028
88B mobile games downloaded in 2023 alone
Global in-game advertising revenue is forecast to grow to $160B by 2027

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